Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bundle entry...

There is so much thing I want to share with you guys. The item today was done long time ago and I manage to share it today with you guys. The item such as table runner, cushion cover and Ribbon Embroidery. I'm proud with my self if when I looked back all these item is in my house plus it's made from my hand. It feel great. can you imagine? For those DIY lovers, I believe you guys will have same feeling like me.

My husband did request to put some fabric on it to prevent from dust since the color of cabinet is white. The right hand side view

The left hand side view.

Previous I have table runner but I hand over it to my mom. so I make new one. you can go to this link if you wanna see previous table runner.

The pink one is in my room now and the blue one is in my car rite now.

Close up view. I'm using button and hide it in the back.

if you remember this post, I just had time send over to the frame maker and a bit costly but I'm happy and satisfied with the work even it costly plus I'm more happier and proud since now it's hanging on my home wall.

Close up view. I plan to make new since I just buy e-book from Suzanna. Hopefully I will have time for that.