Friday, March 11, 2011

Pinchusion Tutorial

Did you see any difference in my blog? At last I manage to have time changing my blog template which is I wish long time ago. Owh I feel refreshing and starting from now I will try my best to update my blog frequently. :)

Even I love on sewing and will do it every day but at the same time I will try to keep my sewing area clean and organize. But then sometimes I do feel not comfortable with all sewing tool since it's not organize. Which is I have to find one by one. A bit tired and wasting my time when I keep finding my sewing tool. I do love blog hop and one day I found this blog (sew mama sew) which is she's sharing pinchusion tutorial and it attracted me to try it. It will keep all my sewing tool in same place. You wanna see the result?

Taraaaa....If you wanna to try it you can click here. Other than that you also can try the other tutorial she's sharing. She has so much free tutorial that you can try. Good luck

Most of the fabric is come from stash which is I kept it before. There is a day when my husband question about all the stash I have, - what should you do with all this stash. It is useful? see there is some useful item I can make from all the stash. He just smiling at me when I show this item to him. Next target, to clear up all my stash I have by creating any useful DIY. Hopefully I can make it and not sure when the time will come. Huhuhu..

At the same time yesterday I had time to make another ordering purse from my best friend. Hopefully she will satisfy it. :)

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