Friday, March 25, 2011

horrayyy!!!! there is a cheque in front of my door

As usual bila I sampai umah after work, I akan buka post box and yesterday there is letter dengan cop URUSAN PADUKA BAGINDA. Wow, I'm expected maybe surat dari LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Neger) and yes it's true. Sebab tak sabar nak tengok isi kandungannya I terus open that letter before enter my home. And wallla ada cek rupanya. owh sangat la I suka. Alhamdulillah. Tahun ni I dapat cek dari LHDN lebih awal dari yang I sangkakan. Like last year I got it around June since I submit e-filling by end of April. But this year I submit it on 1 or 2 March 2011 if I'm not mistaken and yesterday I got the cek. So tips for tax payer, submit your e-filling by early of March so that you can get your cheque by end of march. :) And InsyaAllah by tomorrow cheque tu akan clear since I dah submit it this morning kat bank. Credit to LHDN since I can get the cek earlier than I expected. Thanks a lot. Even this year I have to pay tax more than last year (a bit sad) but then I'm happy when I receive the cheque.

What should I do with that money? I have a lot in my mind and what I can think of now, I want amy butler book. huhuhu...and also designer fabric (kumpul byk2 wat koleksi mcm zura ) and also buying cotton twill and also LCD TV and also laptop and etc. So many wish list but it just a dream since I can't afford to buy for all these thing. There is something more important than that. huhu..

Other than that, right now I'm counting day for my designer fabric reach my home which is I order from Zura too. I plan to make Baju Kurung. X sabar nak tunggu. Actually last 2 day I ada nampak cotton twill kat and terasa macam nak beli and almost I minta tolong my office mate yang ada friend stay at US. At the same time I order fabric designer too. But after a day I had ask his help, I cancel it again since this month I'm buying too much fabric and it's over my budget. You can't help if you addict and fell in love with all these nice and beautiful fabric especially Amy Butler design. There is a lot of project in my mind when I see those beautiful fabric. This year I have to save a lot of money since I have a huge plan to spending with that money. hopefully it will become true. Amin.

Since I got the cheque yesterday, do you think I can buy those designer fabric? waaaa...still thinking..think..think..

Currently I a few of project just finish but then I still don't have time to capture all those picture. Maybe one day I will share it with you guys. Stay tune.....

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