Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should I resign?

I just read this blog Okinokiyo which is I found it during my blog hop today. Yes I do love blog hop. It's interesting blog and kind of attracted my attention when she share on online business tips. Honestly I do love running online business too but then I don't have high confident to make it fully support since right now I do it as a part time. After a few minutes reading this article make me consider to resign and start running online business. But then after thinking it twice, my bad mind giving me a hundred bad reason. Waaa... I admit it that I do love by doing all sewing work compare with my current job. Even sometime I feel stress to complete the order but then the stress was so so different when I have to dealing with my boss to complete my tasks.

Okinokiyo has a good sharing. Do I have to start thinking to fully serious doing online business? Even now I have a few customer among my family and friends, one day I have to make hard decision by resign with my current position and start business since my husband waiting for me at KL. Waaa...it's hard decision.

What do you guys think, should I resign and seriously start online business. Or maybe can you share other blog which is they share on online business tips. Allah..Saya dalam dilema.

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