Monday, March 28, 2011

another pouch order

I receive another 4 order from my friend and also from my sister. My sister has plan to give something to her friend as a gift and she requested me to make the pouch since she got one from me as a gift. And also there is another one for my mom. If you still remember this post, actually my mom also has one but then she not around when the time I pass to my both sister. And during that time my auntie also there and she requested one, so I just gave it to her and make another one for my mom. She just came back from Jakarta last week and sorry Mak since you are the last one received this as a gift from me. Hopefully Mak will be happy.


  1. polka dots are always look very delicious!

  2. yeah..true..polka will look so beautiful in any pattern. hehe