Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jom Jahit Wallet by TiniHani

Since I'm not busy with my office work I started again blog walking. Sudah lama I tinggalkan since I was so busy previous. And last 2 days I'm reading TiniHani blog. She invited to do sew along for wallet. Interesting idea since I never try before. So I decided to give it try and here you go. Even I'm not felling well today but I had give a try to make it since I had dream to make this wallet before. But I'm still not satisfying for a few things:
1- jahitan masih tak kemas. perlu di perkemaskan lagi di masa akan datang
2- wallet a bit small. I can't even insert my card so I decided just use for putting money
3- teringin nak buat cantik secantiknya macam this walletKakAs
4- i have to use button since I don't have any magnetic button but I had order to MeiMei shop this morning. so the next wallet I will be using magnetic button. hehe..
5- forgot to put any strap so easy for me to bring to anywhere.

Tengok jahitan masih tak kemas and harus di perbaiki di masa akan datang. For the next wallet I will using magnetic button.

What do you guys think? Cantik ke? For me I still rasa masih tak cantik. hehe.. So guys sesape yang berminat nak join silakan but remember last date is 31 march. Selamat mencuba.

Bundle entry...

There is so much thing I want to share with you guys. The item today was done long time ago and I manage to share it today with you guys. The item such as table runner, cushion cover and Ribbon Embroidery. I'm proud with my self if when I looked back all these item is in my house plus it's made from my hand. It feel great. can you imagine? For those DIY lovers, I believe you guys will have same feeling like me.

My husband did request to put some fabric on it to prevent from dust since the color of cabinet is white. The right hand side view

The left hand side view.

Previous I have table runner but I hand over it to my mom. so I make new one. you can go to this link if you wanna see previous table runner.

The pink one is in my room now and the blue one is in my car rite now.

Close up view. I'm using button and hide it in the back.

if you remember this post, I just had time send over to the frame maker and a bit costly but I'm happy and satisfied with the work even it costly plus I'm more happier and proud since now it's hanging on my home wall.

Close up view. I plan to make new since I just buy e-book from Suzanna. Hopefully I will have time for that.

Monday, March 28, 2011

another pouch order

I receive another 4 order from my friend and also from my sister. My sister has plan to give something to her friend as a gift and she requested me to make the pouch since she got one from me as a gift. And also there is another one for my mom. If you still remember this post, actually my mom also has one but then she not around when the time I pass to my both sister. And during that time my auntie also there and she requested one, so I just gave it to her and make another one for my mom. She just came back from Jakarta last week and sorry Mak since you are the last one received this as a gift from me. Hopefully Mak will be happy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

horrayyy!!!! there is a cheque in front of my door

As usual bila I sampai umah after work, I akan buka post box and yesterday there is letter dengan cop URUSAN PADUKA BAGINDA. Wow, I'm expected maybe surat dari LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Neger) and yes it's true. Sebab tak sabar nak tengok isi kandungannya I terus open that letter before enter my home. And wallla ada cek rupanya. owh sangat la I suka. Alhamdulillah. Tahun ni I dapat cek dari LHDN lebih awal dari yang I sangkakan. Like last year I got it around June since I submit e-filling by end of April. But this year I submit it on 1 or 2 March 2011 if I'm not mistaken and yesterday I got the cek. So tips for tax payer, submit your e-filling by early of March so that you can get your cheque by end of march. :) And InsyaAllah by tomorrow cheque tu akan clear since I dah submit it this morning kat bank. Credit to LHDN since I can get the cek earlier than I expected. Thanks a lot. Even this year I have to pay tax more than last year (a bit sad) but then I'm happy when I receive the cheque.

What should I do with that money? I have a lot in my mind and what I can think of now, I want amy butler book. huhuhu...and also designer fabric (kumpul byk2 wat koleksi mcm zura ) and also buying cotton twill and also LCD TV and also laptop and etc. So many wish list but it just a dream since I can't afford to buy for all these thing. There is something more important than that. huhu..

Other than that, right now I'm counting day for my designer fabric reach my home which is I order from Zura too. I plan to make Baju Kurung. X sabar nak tunggu. Actually last 2 day I ada nampak cotton twill kat and terasa macam nak beli and almost I minta tolong my office mate yang ada friend stay at US. At the same time I order fabric designer too. But after a day I had ask his help, I cancel it again since this month I'm buying too much fabric and it's over my budget. You can't help if you addict and fell in love with all these nice and beautiful fabric especially Amy Butler design. There is a lot of project in my mind when I see those beautiful fabric. This year I have to save a lot of money since I have a huge plan to spending with that money. hopefully it will become true. Amin.

Since I got the cheque yesterday, do you think I can buy those designer fabric? waaaa...still thinking..think..think..

Currently I a few of project just finish but then I still don't have time to capture all those picture. Maybe one day I will share it with you guys. Stay tune.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should I resign?

I just read this blog Okinokiyo which is I found it during my blog hop today. Yes I do love blog hop. It's interesting blog and kind of attracted my attention when she share on online business tips. Honestly I do love running online business too but then I don't have high confident to make it fully support since right now I do it as a part time. After a few minutes reading this article make me consider to resign and start running online business. But then after thinking it twice, my bad mind giving me a hundred bad reason. Waaa... I admit it that I do love by doing all sewing work compare with my current job. Even sometime I feel stress to complete the order but then the stress was so so different when I have to dealing with my boss to complete my tasks.

Okinokiyo has a good sharing. Do I have to start thinking to fully serious doing online business? Even now I have a few customer among my family and friends, one day I have to make hard decision by resign with my current position and start business since my husband waiting for me at KL.'s hard decision.

What do you guys think, should I resign and seriously start online business. Or maybe can you share other blog which is they share on online business tips. Allah..Saya dalam dilema.

Friday, March 18, 2011

black oh black

Actually I plan to share this by last week but then I don't have enough to write something on my blog since I plan to travel to KL last weekend. I don't plan it, it just across my mind on thursday night when I look at my fabric. So I grab it and automatically my leg bring me to sewing machine table and I start to sew it and walla it turn so nicely.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

One happy family

Finally I manage to make something for my family which is I wish long time ago. I'm so happy. I believe they should be so happy when receiving this as a gift especially my both sister. Plus it using designer fabric.

There is 4 purse which is one for my mom and 2 for my both sister (Ani and Minah) and the last one for my office mate which is had made custom order with me. Wish they will happy when receiving all this.

Since I will travel to KL by this weekend (InsyaAllah), I will pass to them personally. So that I can see their faces when receive this as a gift. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pinchusion Tutorial

Did you see any difference in my blog? At last I manage to have time changing my blog template which is I wish long time ago. Owh I feel refreshing and starting from now I will try my best to update my blog frequently. :)

Even I love on sewing and will do it every day but at the same time I will try to keep my sewing area clean and organize. But then sometimes I do feel not comfortable with all sewing tool since it's not organize. Which is I have to find one by one. A bit tired and wasting my time when I keep finding my sewing tool. I do love blog hop and one day I found this blog (sew mama sew) which is she's sharing pinchusion tutorial and it attracted me to try it. It will keep all my sewing tool in same place. You wanna see the result?

Taraaaa....If you wanna to try it you can click here. Other than that you also can try the other tutorial she's sharing. She has so much free tutorial that you can try. Good luck

Most of the fabric is come from stash which is I kept it before. There is a day when my husband question about all the stash I have, - what should you do with all this stash. It is useful? see there is some useful item I can make from all the stash. He just smiling at me when I show this item to him. Next target, to clear up all my stash I have by creating any useful DIY. Hopefully I can make it and not sure when the time will come. Huhuhu..

At the same time yesterday I had time to make another ordering purse from my best friend. Hopefully she will satisfy it. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

fabric designer purse

For the first time I do write my blog 2 times in a day. It's not happen before. But then, I'm so excited. Since this is the most item I like compare with other. And also this is first time I'm using fabric designer which is I buy it from Zura. And the other reason I love it, I can save my money by buying expensive wallet. And then I can putting all my stuff like car key,hp, money and all my card in same wallet. I'm so happy and thankful, I can make and using it by my self. Even it's moderate but for me it's so gorgeous and fabulous (copy kimora lee trademark)...hehe..

(refer above picture) Ok this is first attempt and I forgot to make coin compartment but then I make card compartment inside it so it will not messy if I putting my car key and money together with all my card. Nice rite? I fell in love with it

(refer below picture) And then since I'm too excited I try for the second time and turn so nice and so so so gorgeous. And then I feel in love for the second time and love it so much. I improving a bit by putting coin purse compare with before.

This morning I show this purse to one of my best friend and then she want it too. hehe..I think i will try to improve by putting more compartment and also I plan to make a gift for my both sister and my mom also. I love it. So 4 more to go. Chaiyookkk...

first time skirts...

I do not have much to say but just to update there is another dress and skirt I make last 3 weeks. It take time for me to update since I prefer to update picture at my facebook rather that to write something in the blog. This time I make 2 skirts and 1 dress for my niece and another dress is ordering from my cousin. Not much to say and enjoy the picture.

oh yeah, yesterday i just make pouch bag and wallet using designer cotton. will update you guys later once I take a picture of the item. So for now, i will update the dress first. :)