Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First ribbon embroidery from me

Tarrraaa.....Alhamdulillah dapat juga I hasilkan sulaman reben yang pertama. But this time I'm designing for wall deco since I don't have enough fabric for other things. hehe.. In future nak try design for cushion and table runner plak. Punya excited after saw how beautifully the emroidery then I created another design. Which is I think it's more cute and sweet compare with the first one but my husband like the first design. Which is he commented that the first one more simple. hehe...berlainan citarasa langsung.

So yang kat bawah ni plak design yang kedua. And this is for wall deco too. Now tengah buat design yang ketiga tapi tertangguh sebab my husband dah bising baju melayu dia tak siap lagi. haha.. so demanding la my husband ni..hehe..when the third design just finish I will post it k...

Cantik tak?

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