Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mieda's bag - 2

I make another version of Mieda's bag. It's a bit small than this. This time I'm not using leather handle. Since I have the smallest version I treat this as my handbag. I received a few of compliment from my family and my sister. They say it's look like made from padini since it using khakis fabric. It awesome rite? My sister and sister-in-law had place an order also. And they request by using leather handle. And also I will have to make another one for my mom since she also had request one.

Not much to say since my schedule was so tight. I had to priorities my work first. I only had manage to take one picture only and enjoy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mieda's wrist pouch..

Women will never be separated with accessories. They loved so much accessories like I do. hehe..If we talked about the things women like, it will be no end since there is so much thing they love. It happens to me also but not everything we can have it.

I still remembered before I get married I never have handbag since I prefer wallet. But after I get married it changed, I start to love all those accessories. But I never have change to buy the expensive bag since I prefer the reasonable price as long you comfortable to wear it. If I have more money I will think of it but right now I prefer to have more saving than more handbag.

Last entry I share with you guys my latest creation. And today I have new one.
In order to match with my new bag so called Mieda's bag, I created this wrist pouch by using the same fabric. And again it turn so nicely and adore it so much. Now I have handbag and match with my wallet. It's third time I change my wrist pouch and some of my friend notice it. Since I can make it why not I change it frequently rite.

this one specially use in the office only for some reason. hehe..

I have another story, I'm a bit disappointing with one shop at Kulim. Previously I do buy my home sewing machine at same the shop. And last week I wanna to but walking and quilt foot that suit with my NV-30 brothers. But I'm a bit shocked with the price. The price was double than the original price. I do checked the price before with brother headquarters and they giving different price. For walking foot it's only RM80 but that shop sell for RM120 and also for quilting foot was originally RM31 but that shop sell for RM120. Did you see the huge differences? And then I requested with them the dealer shop at Kulim and maybe I will go there and survey how much they sell since the price was so unreasonable. Did anyone have buy any brother footer before? can you all share the price?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mieda's bag...

Like I promise last time there is new project I will share with you guys. I make my own bag which is I adore it. It turn so nicely and so so awesome. I didn't put any stabilizer so I have to hang it to get nice view of picture. The size of bag approximately 17 " X 17". It's too big? Yes but it just nicely fit with my laptop. I receive a big laptop from my company due to we work on design team so we need to have big screen. But I'm happy. I love this bag so much.

Let me describe the detail of the bag. Outer fabric I'm using cotton drill/twill which is I found it when I go shopping at Kamdar Bukit Mertajam. Actually this cotton drill/twill is simillar like khakis fabric. For inner fabric I'm using cotton linen which is I buy online from MayMayShop. Also the leather handle I buy from MayMay too.

When I'm wear this bag, my friend will not believe it if I make it by my own. She think I buy it. Believe it or not? You should believe it that I sew this bag. I didn't buy it and it's a custom made specially made for me..hahaha.. I plan to make another smaller one. But the size should be fitted to bring my telekung also since I only have small handbag in my collection. So enjoy the picture.

Outer view. I named it as mieda's bag

inside view but I turn it so easily can capture all.

Note: Sewing activity, sekarang I tengah menjahit baju kurta suami dengan berkolar yang mana I cuba elakkan untuk menjahit baju yang berkolar. For me a bit difficult when it come to kolar sewing. Selalunya mesti x menjadi, senget la, tak tegak and lembik and besar sangat la and mcm mcm lagi. But per husband request so nak tak nak I kena buat jugak. Later I will share with you guys if the kolar turn nicely or badly k. Hopefully it will turn nicely.

Friday, April 1, 2011

1st April 2011

Dah masuk hari ke-empat. selsema and batuk masih tak hilang lagi. Alhamdulillah demam dah kebah. Tapi dalam x sihat ni aktiviti menjahit masih I teruskan. Hari rabu lepas dapat MC tapi masih lagi nak menjahit. haha..cuma petang tu lepas solat zuhur, tido dalam 3 atau 4 jam kesan ubat batuk and selsema.

Hari ini sudah masuk bulan 4 dan agak-agak ada ke yang terkena "April Fool" hari ni? Di ofis macam sunyi sepi mungkin masing-masing sibuk dengan keje yang entah bila akan siap. hahaha..

Minggu lepas I ada beli e-book sulaman reben dari suzana mustafa. Dan suka sangat bila dah dapat cd tu. kena cepat2 buat ni. Yang membuatkan I excited sebab I memang dah lama teringin nak buat sulaman bunga ros yang ada kelopak tu. Cantik sangat. Harap2 dapat buat dalam tahun ni jugak. huhuhu..

Both my sister and my mom dah awal2 booked untuk jahit baju raya. Perancangan awal gitu. Sebab derang tahu I jahit baju derang lambat sebab I utamakan pelanggan dulu. So derang2 pun dah booked awal2. Walaupun raya bulan 8 tapi kami dah sibuk cari kain dalam bulan 2 lagi tu dengan kain yang sama. hahaha..Macam tahun lepas, lagi seminggu nak raya barula I kelam kabut siapkan baju mereka. Harap-harap tahun ni dapat siapkan baju mereka awal. Minta maaf la adik-adik ku.

Sebenarnya banyak wish list yang I teringin nak buat. harap2 la I dapat capai semua tu dalam tahun ni sebab macam tahun lepas banyak yang tertangguh. Tapi I bole agak dalam bulan 6 I mesti dah start sibuk dengan kerja2 ofis sebab projek tengah peak waktu tu. waa...harap la I masih bole dapat amik cuti raya seminggu. I teringin sangat nak cuba buat quilt tapi entah bila la bole dapat buat. kain dah ada cuma masa je yang takde lagi. huhu..

I have 6 days comp leave but I don't have any plan yet. Plan macam nak travel tapi tak tahu kat mana nak pegi. Rasa nak travel area malaysia je xnak keluar negara. Ada idea tak? banyak tu 6 days, sayang plak kalo x guna sebab expired sampai dalam bulan 6 jek. Maybe some of might have some question how I get those comp leave, actually my company will give an extra leave for those who participated on certain project and they will give it by end of the project. The days of leave will depends on how long you in the that project. For me, I started by early of project so I get more days compare to other started late. And this extra leave will not deducted from your annual leave. So even you stress and work hard to accomplish the project by end of project you get some award and of course you will be happy rite. Like me I just bersyukur dengan apa yang Allah gave it to me. I will try not complain since everything He gave us, He know what the best. So we better thankful for all we have now.

I have new item to share with guys but not capture yet. stay tune...........