Friday, April 8, 2011

Mieda's wrist pouch..

Women will never be separated with accessories. They loved so much accessories like I do. hehe..If we talked about the things women like, it will be no end since there is so much thing they love. It happens to me also but not everything we can have it.

I still remembered before I get married I never have handbag since I prefer wallet. But after I get married it changed, I start to love all those accessories. But I never have change to buy the expensive bag since I prefer the reasonable price as long you comfortable to wear it. If I have more money I will think of it but right now I prefer to have more saving than more handbag.

Last entry I share with you guys my latest creation. And today I have new one.
In order to match with my new bag so called Mieda's bag, I created this wrist pouch by using the same fabric. And again it turn so nicely and adore it so much. Now I have handbag and match with my wallet. It's third time I change my wrist pouch and some of my friend notice it. Since I can make it why not I change it frequently rite.

this one specially use in the office only for some reason. hehe..

I have another story, I'm a bit disappointing with one shop at Kulim. Previously I do buy my home sewing machine at same the shop. And last week I wanna to but walking and quilt foot that suit with my NV-30 brothers. But I'm a bit shocked with the price. The price was double than the original price. I do checked the price before with brother headquarters and they giving different price. For walking foot it's only RM80 but that shop sell for RM120 and also for quilting foot was originally RM31 but that shop sell for RM120. Did you see the huge differences? And then I requested with them the dealer shop at Kulim and maybe I will go there and survey how much they sell since the price was so unreasonable. Did anyone have buy any brother footer before? can you all share the price?

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