Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mieda's bag...

Like I promise last time there is new project I will share with you guys. I make my own bag which is I adore it. It turn so nicely and so so awesome. I didn't put any stabilizer so I have to hang it to get nice view of picture. The size of bag approximately 17 " X 17". It's too big? Yes but it just nicely fit with my laptop. I receive a big laptop from my company due to we work on design team so we need to have big screen. But I'm happy. I love this bag so much.

Let me describe the detail of the bag. Outer fabric I'm using cotton drill/twill which is I found it when I go shopping at Kamdar Bukit Mertajam. Actually this cotton drill/twill is simillar like khakis fabric. For inner fabric I'm using cotton linen which is I buy online from MayMayShop. Also the leather handle I buy from MayMay too.

When I'm wear this bag, my friend will not believe it if I make it by my own. She think I buy it. Believe it or not? You should believe it that I sew this bag. I didn't buy it and it's a custom made specially made for me..hahaha.. I plan to make another smaller one. But the size should be fitted to bring my telekung also since I only have small handbag in my collection. So enjoy the picture.

Outer view. I named it as mieda's bag

inside view but I turn it so easily can capture all.

Note: Sewing activity, sekarang I tengah menjahit baju kurta suami dengan berkolar yang mana I cuba elakkan untuk menjahit baju yang berkolar. For me a bit difficult when it come to kolar sewing. Selalunya mesti x menjadi, senget la, tak tegak and lembik and besar sangat la and mcm mcm lagi. But per husband request so nak tak nak I kena buat jugak. Later I will share with you guys if the kolar turn nicely or badly k. Hopefully it will turn nicely.