Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Thankful

Anyone join Giant promotion before? For example sticker collection to get the non-stick fry pan of Bialetti brand for only RM3.90 until RM6.90. Anyone? Or maybe you not know this offer has exits before? Just to remind you, this entry it's not related with craft item but I intended to write this entry just to appreciated my friend. Actually this promotion has end long time ago and the problem is me, don't have enough time to snap this picture. So, I dedicated this entry to appreciated someone.

FYI, I'm joining this promotion before and I'm not believed it I can achieved it. Amazing you know. Do you believe it, if I tell you that I do it alone? don't believe it. haha..Of course I'm not alone and for sure I get help from my friend. If not I will not achieved it since I'm not groceries shopaholic type. I'm really thankful to them especially to Has, Ila, Patrick, Zulkeferi and Fakri because they really generous to give their sticker to me since they not interested it. From their help I'm able to collect 130 sticker to get this pan (refer below picture) and I redeem it with just added another RM6.90. Worth it rite? Since usually we need to pay RM150++ and above for one this kind of fry pan. Oh I'm so happy when just have it. It's amazing experience you know. If anyone join this promotion pls share it. hehe.. :)

Honestly I'm not that kind of to take any attention with any type of promotion. Usually I will ignore it but this time I'm not sure how I'm able to involved in this promotion. Maybe the item they offer are worth it (for my thinking) and it take my attention. And plus my husband give his support. Love it and love him too. hehe.. :) FYI, I already used it last time and this picture just before I make scramble egg. And with this pan, it's added my collection which is have 2 type of fry pan which is the other one was Tefal brand. That one I buy it during SOGO member Day promotion and I get help from my mom since during that time I'm at Kulim. So I buy it with promotion price, if not mistaken I get half price for that Tefal fry pan. And I have another wish to have Tefal cooking pot. Later la if I have extra money I will buy it. hehe

Again, Thanks a lot to Has, Ila, Akef, Fakri and Patrick. :)