Monday, November 29, 2010

Admitting at KPJ hospital

Did you all remember my last entry I do have back pain issue and while writing this entry I'm admitting at KPJ hospital due to my back pain issue. Including today, 5 days I've admitted at here. From MRI result doctor diagnosis there is disc bulge at my back bone. So that disc has push my nerve at that area so I'm experience leg and nerve pain. I akan rasa sakit di bahagian kaki if I have to stay in one position for long hours like sitting, sleeping or while walking. This happen because of we sitting or sleeping in one position for long hours. And I have no choice since my job need my focus to sitting in front of computer. And now I'm suffer with all the pain.

Doctor advice me to have physiotherapy treatment plus with medication and once I'm discharge from hospital doctor advice me to start exercise to have good blood circulation. I'm still lucky since the bulge still small and don't need any operation. But if I'm not take care of my self there is chance that bulge will become bigger and bigger and it will become more serious and sometime operation was needed when it reach this level. Since I plan to have baby by next year (Insha-ALLAH), I asked doctor whether it will impacted my back bone. Yes, sometimes it will impacted too but some cases it will not. It depends. huhu..Now I just hoping and tawakkal to Allah, hoping if I pregnant this issue not come again.

I hope I will fully recover. But when I google the chance to recover was low but when I asked my doctor, he say since my bulge still small so chance to recover will be high but it still depends on how I discipline my self for taking medication and physiotherapy treatment. I was hoping I will fully recover and currently I feel better and I can say it recover for around 65%. But I'm still thankfull and I realize it will take time to fully recover if I'm still continue by taking medication and physiotherapy treatment.

Oh yeah another thing, I'm satisfying with all the nurse service from KPJ hospital at Seberang Jaya. They really care about me, smiling all the time and peramah. They treated well as a inpatient but one thing and of course no one was perfect. There is one weakness which is as me as outpatient before I have to wait for long hours for waiting doctor and same thing happen when I have to wait for my turn for MRI and waiting for long hours while waiting for bed preparation as I know the capacitance for inpatient was limited. Since I think the patient will become more so KPJ hospital at seberang jaya should have plan to have another building so that can occupied for more patient. BTW, I'm happy stay here. Thanks all and hoping I can discharge by tomorrow. :)

Wish me to fully recover. Thanks in advance for all your wishes. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

i'll come again..more dress

Feeling to update this blog its still not there. lazy me. I'm still busy on office daily task which is everyday become more and more since project is in critical mode because of we don’t have enough resource. You will experince crazy mode when you work on R&D Department. Like I feel now. But today I have to spent some time to update what I do during my silence to release my tension.

BTW, there is a lot of stuff I do, even though I'm busy with daily office work but at night for sure I will spent around 1 or 2 hours on sewing stuff. So addicted, I can't stay at home without do nothing. And then because of that I suffer back pain and doctor diagnosis maybe I got RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) because of ergo issue. Since I have to spent more that 8 hours at office in front of computer and then when I go back home I’m continue with sewing. So no rest and I force my body to do a lot of thing so my nerve start to act abnormally. huhu..but what I can do, I’m so addicted. So I plan to stop all the sewing stuff first for around 1 or 2 months and start exercise. I have to. L It’s not fun you know when this is the way for me to release all my stress on office task..huhu. Maybe I have to start to reading again all my book which is I stop this hobbies when I found sewing much more fun. Huhu..Wish me guys. :)

Nothing much to say so enjoy the below picture. Most of the picture was baby dress. I like baby dress !!! J J Eventhough I still don’t have a kids but I’m dreaming that one day I can make a dress for my own baby. Huhu.. Wish me. Actually other than baby dress I do have other sewing item but I not capture it. So I only can uploaded baby dress picture only. J Enjoy..

This is during birthday party for my husband niece when her mother request me to make a special dress for her. Birthday girl was the second from the right hand side of the picture. The rest of the kids was her cousin which their mothers agree to have same dress.

I like this the most. Beautiful rite and great combination color.

I call this abaya.