Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jom Jahit Wallet by TiniHani

Since I'm not busy with my office work I started again blog walking. Sudah lama I tinggalkan since I was so busy previous. And last 2 days I'm reading TiniHani blog. She invited to do sew along for wallet. Interesting idea since I never try before. So I decided to give it try and here you go. Even I'm not felling well today but I had give a try to make it since I had dream to make this wallet before. But I'm still not satisfying for a few things:
1- jahitan masih tak kemas. perlu di perkemaskan lagi di masa akan datang
2- wallet a bit small. I can't even insert my card so I decided just use for putting money
3- teringin nak buat cantik secantiknya macam this walletKakAs
4- i have to use button since I don't have any magnetic button but I had order to MeiMei shop this morning. so the next wallet I will be using magnetic button. hehe..
5- forgot to put any strap so easy for me to bring to anywhere.

Tengok jahitan masih tak kemas and harus di perbaiki di masa akan datang. For the next wallet I will using magnetic button.

What do you guys think? Cantik ke? For me I still rasa masih tak cantik. hehe.. So guys sesape yang berminat nak join silakan but remember last date is 31 march. Selamat mencuba.


  1. nice try, ni klo praktis lagi mesti cantik dah..leh wat bisnes wallet lak pasni hehe :)

  2. hehe..InsyaAllah. tu la ingat nk buat lebih cantik for next try..apa org kata. practice make perfect. :)

  3. cantik. aku like 150 juta kali.

  4. thx ida. stay tune ada lagi yg menarik. mesti ko suka bermillion-million plak utk item yg akan dtg.hehehe..stay tune. :)

  5. sweet... suka fabric biru itu... :D