Thursday, March 10, 2011

fabric designer purse

For the first time I do write my blog 2 times in a day. It's not happen before. But then, I'm so excited. Since this is the most item I like compare with other. And also this is first time I'm using fabric designer which is I buy it from Zura. And the other reason I love it, I can save my money by buying expensive wallet. And then I can putting all my stuff like car key,hp, money and all my card in same wallet. I'm so happy and thankful, I can make and using it by my self. Even it's moderate but for me it's so gorgeous and fabulous (copy kimora lee trademark)...hehe..

(refer above picture) Ok this is first attempt and I forgot to make coin compartment but then I make card compartment inside it so it will not messy if I putting my car key and money together with all my card. Nice rite? I fell in love with it

(refer below picture) And then since I'm too excited I try for the second time and turn so nice and so so so gorgeous. And then I feel in love for the second time and love it so much. I improving a bit by putting coin purse compare with before.

This morning I show this purse to one of my best friend and then she want it too. hehe..I think i will try to improve by putting more compartment and also I plan to make a gift for my both sister and my mom also. I love it. So 4 more to go. Chaiyookkk...

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