Thursday, November 10, 2011

A-Line dress

I always wanted to make A-Line dress. And Alhamdulillah I manage to make one. And I had make this dress for my niece from my stash fabric. It turn so nicely. I loved it. After making this dress it encourage me to make more dress. I was dreaming if my daughter wear this dress. Hopefully it will come true.

What do you think? It is nice?

I buy this fabric during my visit to Jakel. Actually my plan was to make my own baju kurung and I have one. I make this dress from stash after making my own baju kurung. If you notice that I make pleated scoop body for this dress to make it beautiful. And I refer to this tutorial to make that pleated scoop but I change a bit since the tutorial is using bias tape.

I prefer to use button instead of zip so it will look different and look like a custom made. Actually the main reason is I'm so lazy to sew the zip. Button is more easier than zip. hehe.

See how nice when she wear it and it motivated me to make more dress for her..She's so love taking picture and every time it have different pose. Boleh jadi model neh...

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