Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspired by book

Today I'm so inspired by book of "Aku Terima Nikahnya" by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil. It's malaysian language book. The truth story of the writer. Some part of the story is similar like I experience currently. Even I am married but I'm not living in the same house with my husband since we working in 2 different state. Which is it will take around 4 or 5 hours journey for us to meet. So we decide to meet during weekend. Luckily that both of us will be off from work on weekend. So it's easy for us to meet and be together. Honestly I feel a bit tiring and it's a bit hard since I'm leaving alone in different states with my husband and no other family members beside me. So everything I need I have to do it alone. I have to independent. Sometime I feel gave up but then after reading this book it's inspired me again, how valuable my marriage. I'm still thanks to Allah to gave me a husband compare with other which is no husband. It's has been 3 years we living a part. Everyday I pray to Allah SWT, one day both of us will be living together and having kids.

Since I have to stopped all my sewing work, I start to read some of the book. One by one I read it. After one finish then I will find another new book. There is another 3 book waiting for me. Aja - aja fighting !!!!! (korean language which is mean work hard or good luck) But most of my book was Islamic book. But then I'm interested to read this 2 books "Mens Are From Mars" and " Women Are From Venus" by John Gray. I wish I can have this 2 books.

The best thing, I had started again my sewing work since one of my relatives ordered dress for her daughter. I have to accepted even I'm still not fully recover. But then it's good for me to have some exercise by working on sewing project. After it done done I will posted it here and also I had plan to sew my own clothes which is "Baju Kurung" (Malay tradition cloth) and blouse shirt.

Who addicted with korean drama???? ME!!!!!! FYI, I'm fan of korean drama. I enjoying by watching it. Most of the drama was so good and also it's love story but I'm enjoying it. Currently I'm addicted drama with title of "Dream High". It's so nice and happy story. Oh I'm so like happy story. I never watch any kind of sad drama. It's not attract me and make me more stress. I prefer to watch happy story since it will inspired me to be stay patient with my life.

I was hoping there is happy ending too with my marriage. Guys pls pray for me.

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