Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ergonomics requested

Almost 2 month I don't have any update. It's due to I don't have internet access at my hometown since I'm on Medical Leave. I think I'm taking a month of medical leave and luckily it's still in my medical leave limit. But then last 3 week I lost my grandmother. She's passed away. During that time I'm not at hometown and I have to driving from Kulim, Kedah to Kuala Lumpur which is it will be taking more than 4 hours to reach there. But then I don't have much time, I need to rush so that I can see my grandmother face for the last time before they buried her. I'm so sad, during the journey i was crying non stop until my husband make a joke. And luckily I have time to meet my grandmother for the last time.

During my medical leave until now I had to stopped my sewing activity since I need more rest. Even though I feel eager to start sewing but I have to take care of my self also. I will start once I'm feeling better. Even now I frequently going to attend physiotherapy treatment but I'm still not fully recover. I have to limit all my housekeeping activity. And also I have to limit my activity by using laptop. I had to start exercise and I can say most of my time at night lay down in front of television to take a rest on my shoulder since in the office I'm not able to lay down. I wish I will fully recover. Every day I pray to Allah, "Ya, Allah sembuhkanlah penyakit yang ku hadapi ini". I was hoping I will pray for it everyday and not bored to ask Him every time during praying time.

Today, I'm requested ergo equipment from my employer such as mouse and keyboard wrist pad and also footrest. Even though my chair is adjustable but the high of the table was not suit with me. So when I adjusted the chair but then my leg will be hanging. That's why I need footrest. I make another request for a new chair which is it can support my shoulder and cervical area. But then I have to go through a few process before I can requested it. I have to seek a doctor and also ergo evaluator. All these item it'd for prevention purposes. Hoping it will reduce my pain.

I want to feel normal again. I'm so jealous to others when they can walk or seat normally which is I am not. But then I'm still happy even I only having minor disc bulge I am still alive. Allah still giving me a chance to worship more for Him. Pray for more, zikir for more and more. Ya Allah kuatkanlah iman hamba mu ini. Amin.

Thanks guys for all your comment and again thanks for reading my blog. I was thought there is no one interested with my blog. Thanks again. See you again.

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