Thursday, April 8, 2010

ni Qaireen punya jugak la.............

My addicted become worst. Every time, my mind always think about creating new dress. And again my post now about dress again. Sorry my dear it's become my habit now. huhu..

Ok dress kali ni, guna 2 warna and banyak kain. huhu...dress dengan circle skirt. And this dress pun untuk budak mata sepet tu lagi. Sebab her mom request to wearing during her birthday party. So I came with this design. harap will fitted and her mom like it. And ingat nak wat yang special skit so I pun buat baby booties and head band untuk budak mata sepet. So semuanya one set and padan. Hope she will look beautiful after wearing it. so enjoy the picture.

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  1. cantiknya baju ireen.......x sabar aku nk bg ireen pakai......